Monday, October 4, 2010

The Process: A Decision of Joyful Play

The process really is what fascinates me most. I love to look at beautiful, thoughtful work. But what I really love most is to see how an idea develops - the searching lines of a sketch, choices that were made, even the missteps along the way. That's what I had in mind when I started this blog, though admittedly it has become more of a hodge podge than I would've liked.

I made these cards months ago and am only now getting around to posting a montage of the process. I just realized upon reviewing them that I forgot to photograph the final (black) run.

I was watching a video on Native American art and one of the artists said the most marvelous thing about her ideal process when making art:

A decision of joyful play, transcending expectations of fear, failure and perfection...

I love that she described her process as a decision. In other words, she may not have complete control of the outcome, but she has decided to experience joyful play. I have posted her words in my work area to remind me not only to be joyful, but to remember that even if I can't control the outcome I can control my process.

bfly_process1 copy

bfly_process2 copy

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  1. Back in college my conceptual design teacher liked to describe his creative process as"play" and encouraged us to do the same.