Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making Monday But Not Much To Show

DSCN2601 I have been busy making these last few weeks, but I've been experimenting a lot, so I don't really have any fine, finished things to show to the world. Many of my efforts failed to produce the results I envisioned while laying in bed at night dreaming about all the pretty things I would like to make. It's funny because here in San Francisco there was a conference called Failcon for entrepreneurs to learn and talk about failure. In fact, Rena Tom wrote a great post about the conference and the importance of failure over at one of my all-time favorite blogs, poppytalk.

While I like to define working out the practical applications of ideas as experimenting rather than failure, it did make me think about living in a results-oriented and product-focused world. When an endeavor doesn't turn out the way we would like, why do we so often define it as failure or easily give up? Often, one idea leads to another, which can eventually lead to that one really great idea. Why not follow the trail and see what you learn along the way?

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