Friday, January 13, 2012

PR - All Stars Episode 2 - "Off the Kahoonies"

Farewell, Sweet P. There's a reason you have always been a fan favorite. You really do come off as very down to earth, your color choices are often really gorgeous, and you design accessible clothing for women of many sizes. I actually think the accessibility of your work made this challenge a little more difficult for you. A night at the opera seems so far removed from your girl. Once again, the judges made astute observations and offered really helpful critiques. Georgina Chapman was absolutely right when she suggested bringing the pattern from the skirt into the top part of the dress. The halter top made it look like separates, which automatically makes it feel more casual. And Badgley (or was it Mischka?) hit the nail on the head when he said the skirt was more dirndl than ball gown.


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But you do make really fun, colorful maxi dresses. As seen here and at Forever 21 and on your blog. So I'm glad someone like you is out there designing for rest of us who don't always make it to the opera on opening night. 


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And congratulations, Austin Scarlett! To be honest, after last week's dress I was kind of worried that you were going to choke, but you pulled it off spectacularly. I loved the shimmer and the smoke, the glamor and elegance. What a gratifying victory.

Speaking of choking, I was also concerned for Kara - especially when they showed her clutching her dress form with a look of sheer terror on her face. Actually, I really hope they keep her around for a while because she is so funny. What was she saying about having a "pabu" moment? (paboom? South African for kaboom? ) I don't know if it's South African slang or just her own lexicon, but I plan to use the phrase, "off the kahoonies" every chance I get. 

But my favorite moment of the night (and a slight double-take) was seeing Rami and Anthony cozied up on the couch while Rami casually played with Anthony's hair. Aw! I think there are a lot of gentlemen out there that would like to have been sitting where Anthony was. 

So who will make it to the finals? Mondo, Austin and Rami is my guess, but I'd love to be surprised. Will Kara have the emotional strength to make it through another challenge? Can't wait for next week!

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