Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I am ready to be dazzled by summer.


I made this picture tonight and posted it on my tumblr. Feeling so very content. Looking forward to all that I hope to make and do in the next few weeks - a summer wardrobe, a vacation in August, a ceramics class.

I signed up for another sewalong because the last one was so fun. This time I'll be making a Moneta. I'm looking forward to learning more, and Barry and I are planning a vacation in August so it would be nice to have some light, travel-friendly clothes. I took a peek over at the sewalong instructor's blog, Miss Make, and was very impressed by her creativity and humor. I can tell that she is a very clever woman. She has a fantastic post about laying out quilt squares in photoshop that made me want to make another quilt. It also inspired a drawing of the day today.

Speaking of quilts, does anyone have any ideas for using up scraps of knit fabric? I know I want to make a summer scarf (very handy in SF) similar to Emily Green's colorful patchwork scarves. Can you make a quilt out of knit fabrics?

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