Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Makes


Well hello there. I'm leaving for Hawaii on Monday, and I'm so freaking excited. I'm also sewing sorta kinda frantically so I'll have some things to wear. I wrote about planning a vacation wardrobe here, and with the exception of one item, I didn't end up with anything similar to the polyvore I made. Ah well, I find those polyvore moodboards too aspirational, too luxe, for me.

So above are the Grainline maritime shorts from last weekend. This was the second attempt. I hate how messy the front waistband part looks, but I just needed to be done with this project. There were a lot of new steps and skills for me to practice like clipping curves for the pockets and the front zip.  I must say I really loved that about the experience. Especially on the second try when I could already see  improvement. 

Here's a picture of me wearing my new makes - white legs and all. Remember, this before Hawaii. :)  Ugh, this is hard... here we go.


Now I'll distract you with my pretty pocket bag - a pink Hawaiian print.

Very much what I envisioned, so I'm pleased even though I made some mistakes. See the patched waistband on my new Renfrew? I didn't have enough to cut one piece on a continuous fold, so I decided to patch some shorter pieces together. While most sewists are obsessed with stripe matching...hell, I don't even match the bottom. And strangely enough even though it's not ideal, I'm kind of okay with it. (ETA: I decided I should have higher standards and removed the bottom band. Just gave it a regular hem. Guess I wasn't okay with it. :)) But here's something I'm actually proud of...


I followed this tutorial for a mitred v-neck from Cake's blog.  I love it. It's not as sharp as it will be the next time, but I think this is how I want to finish my v-necks from now on. The Renfrew is turning into a TNT for me. I already want to make another one.
Here are my notes:
  • The button is sewn on to cover the mangled area where I could not seem to make a buttonhole foot. I think the interfacing was too thick and so the feed dogs weren't moving. It was like picking at a zit the way I kept making it worse. 
  • The shorts seem to run really big. I will definitely go down at least one if not two sizes. I wound up pinching out 5 inches from the back seam, although I think I did something wrong for it to be so much. That or it could be because I'm only 5'2" and the waist sits higher on me than on a person of average height.
  • Also...1/2" seam allowance...must remember that.
  • Love the contrasting pockets and will do that with the inner waistband as well. These shorts were a lot of work because of all the basting, clipping, and grading, but they're super fast to cut and easy to handle - i.e. no big. floppy/slippery pieces to work with. The second time I made them I was more organized, clearing my workspace, laying all the pieces out. and interfacing in advance ...of course it made a huge difference. Nothing revolutionary, just a nice reminder.
Finally, here's a scrunchy faced one of me since I decapitated myself in the full body shot.

So not a complete vacation wardrobe, but I will be sharing a few more makes very soon. In the meantime, Aloha!

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