Sunday, September 14, 2014

More Drawers


Hello! I'm enjoying the dregs of what had been a really lovely, relaxing weekend. We are in Indian Summer, so while most people in the northern hemisphere are thinking about fall sweaters, I'm enjoying warm lazy Sundays when the fog finally lifts in my hood. I'm in various stages of planning/execution for a few fall wardrobe additions: a jacket, several versions of my new favorite tee-shirt pattern - the Bronte by Jennifer Lauren- which I will blog about very soon, and...pants! After making the Grainline Maritime shorts, I feel ready. Ready as I'll ever be anyway. ;)

But for now, I'll just show you my underwear.

Yes, more underwear. A big part of me feels really silly taking photographs of my homemade underpants, much less blogging about it, but I'm finding it really helpful to keep notes. My green ones blogged here did not last very long at all. I don't know if it had to do with the wooly thread or the fabric. I'm thinking, though, that the fabric had a lot to do with it because I noticed that my beach cover up (in the same post) also ripped and snagged and developed holes quite easily. Ultimately, I want to ensure that I improve and make more durable things, which is one reason for keeping track of my makes.

  • These days I'm using three threads (right needle) on everything I make and have not noticed the strength of the seam being compromised. My tension dials: 5 | 6.25 | 6.25 As an added bonus, I'm saving money on machine needles and thread.
  • The white ones are a four way stretch. I used this for undies before, and it's definitely worked the best...for obvious reasons. (ETA: Only use four way stretch for this particular size and pattern. I could hear threads popping when I tried to pull the stripey pairs on this morning. I need to find a different pattern or grade to a larger size for two way knits. It's so weird because my RTW pairs are so much smaller, but I guess that's down to the fabric. Oh well, live and learn. )
  • Still don't quite have the hang of the elastic. The waist is pretty easy, but I still have trouble with the leg holes. I'm cutting 18" for the leg holes and trying not to pull too much when I sew. No point in stretching them taut during the sewing - that's my ass's job.
  • Seems like the printed foldover  elastic (bottom photo) doesn't stretch quite as much. I actually had to redo the legs on both white pairs because of this. Just looking at them all turned and twisted because I pulled too hard was painful. I certainly don't want that twisting to happen when they're on me.  For printed elastic I cut 20" of elastic for the legs instead of 18". 
  • I would like to start adding the elastic in a loop for a neater finish. I didn't this time...obviously
  • Still referring to A Very Purple Person's excellent tutorial. I love it when bloggers use fabric that has an easily distinguishable right and wrong side in their tutorials.



I have so much super-cute foldover elastic from Peak Bloom to practice with, and I always have scraps of knit fabric to use up, so I'm going to keep practicing and keep track of what does and doesn't work. While I don't think they're all that well made or, I guess, blog worthy, I'm glad that I make an effort to use as much leftover fabric as possible. Does anyone have any tips for making use of knitwear scraps?
Thanks very much for reading. I hope you have a lovely week. 

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