Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hot Patterns Halycon Sweatshirt: First Wadder of the Year


Hello! Hope you're having a fab weekend so far. I made this HP Fast and Fab Halycon Sweatshirt last weekend, and, as I'm sure you can surmise from the above pic, it's not really a sweatshirt anymore. This is what it's supposed to look like...


And here's what it looked like before I turned it into a cardigan....


I made a size 18 and shortened the sleeve by 3/4 inches. It was HUGE in the back, with an awkward straightjacket-like feel in the front, and the sides coming down to a weird point. I'm not exactly sure what happened. Some possibilities:
  • Wrong type of fabric- This was my test version, so I used an inexpensive knit that wasn't earmarked for anything else. It's quite stretchy  -  probably too stretchy for this pattern since the pattern calls for medium weight sweatshirt, ponte, double knit, etc. It's possible that some distortion happened when I cut it due to the stretch. Maybe that explains the pointy sides. 
  • Wrong type of body - I carry a lot of my extra weight in the bust/abdomen area. Ideally, it would be better to make a size smaller and adjust the front, but with this cross over style it was difficult to know how to do that. The front and back are all one piece - a long rectangle with a U-shape cut out for the neck and crossed front. Also, when choosing a size I focus on the bust and tend to forget that my hips, while by no means narrow, are proportionally narrow compared to the size of my bust - like an inverted triangle. This means that some styles will drop straight past my hips unless I make a pattern adjustment. 
Even though this was a test version, I wanted to try to salvage the fabric. It's super soft and a pretty color after all, so I turned it into a cardigan by unpicking the crossover side seams and and joining the bottom of each front to the side. Wow, there has to be an easier way to explain this. It's actually a lot simpler than I've just made it sound. Anyway, I wanted to turn it into a waterfall cardigan, but after examining a bunch of waterfall styles I noticed that the waterfall effect is dependent on the way it hangs from the shoulder seam. Since this style doesn't have a shoulder seam, I wasn't sure how to create that effect. So I ended up with more of a cocoon shape. A little wonky and loosy-goosey but okay for knocking about the park, or after yoga class (which reminds me, I really should start doing yoga). Here's me wearing it at the botanical gardens last weekend. The magnolias are in bloom


As you can see the sleeve is an exaggerated dolman. I'd like to figure out a way to fix that, but my craft-A.D.D. is kicking in, and I'm already thinking about other projects. I just want to add that I like Hot Patterns styles a lot. They always have fun construction details.  Just because this pattern didn't work out for me doesn't mean that it won't work for you. I would just recommend that you sew up a practice version in something you're not in love with before cutting into your silk jersey, but you know that already!

Thanks for reading and have a terrific weekend!



  1. Good save! Bummer when a pattern doesn't work out, but I think you recovered really well!

    1. Thanks, Noelle! You win some, you lose some. :)

  2. I think this was a great success and not a fail. You did an incredible job with something that most would have just thrown in the garbage. So glad you saved it as the color is so pretty on you.

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! I'm glad I was able to save the fabric.

  3. Actually I like the end result better than the proposed garment-- and it looks great on you. Double score!!

    1. Thanks, Robin. When I was working on the Halcyon I kept thinking that the fabric would be great for a cardigan, so I guess it was meant to be. :)