Monday, March 13, 2017

Celeste Undies

Hello and happy Monday to you. I had a very relaxing weekend and hope you did as well. The seemingly nonstop rain has finally stopped, and it's starting to feel like spring. Spent a mellow Saturday afternoon replenishing my underwear drawer with Ohhh Lulu Celeste undies. (You're going to have to endure an entire post of me trying to dodge the "p-word." I'll say drawers, knickers, undies, smalls...anything but (shudder) "panties.")

Ohhh Lulu offers a free version of this cute bikini, and I can never resist a free underwear pattern. This one is super easy and fun. So fun that I was a bit bummed when I discovered that I didn't have a lot of large-enough scraps and was frantically going through my clothes, looking for t-shirts I never wear that I could cut up and repurpose.

So, the blue ones are from scraps, and the two green pairs are made from t-shirts that were heading for the Goodwill pile. Last week I took BART to the Mission on my lunch hour for a quick shop at Fabric Outlet--that's Cali-fabric to you online shoppers. I've decided that foldover elastic is overrated and what I really love is picot edge elastic. So I bought 10 yards each of of cream and black for next to nothing. I like having it on hand when I'm in an underwear-making mood.

I guess there's not that much else to say. Here are the deets:

  • Started with the XL and wound up cutting the side seam (between XL and L) in half on all pattern pieces. 
  • I like the full bum and full crotch coverage. Sorry if that's oversharing. 
  • I need to practice sewing the picot so that only the edge shows on the other side. I think they're still cute, though
  • Sewed the first pass at 3.0/2.5 zigzag and the second pass at 4.0/3.0. Seemed to work out okay
I'm already looking forward to making more. In fact, I picked up some super skinny satin ribbon today to make little bows. I think that would look really pretty at the center front. 

Have a lovely week, everybody! 

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