Sunday, May 20, 2018

Scrapbusting: Ida Clutch

Hey there! Hope you're having a great weekend. It's been a perfect spring weekend for Beej and I. We went to the Giants game yesterday, and they won so yay! I got to sew last night, and then I spent most of today learning how to use my new coverstitch machine. So much fun stuff. With the coverstitch, there's definitely a learning curve, but fortunately, we live in the age of YouTube. I'm muddling through. Now I'm just relaxing while Beej makes dinner—in other words, I'm living the life.

So I want to talk today about the Ida Clutch, an awesome free pattern by Kylie and the Machine. I was inspired by Shauni of The Magnificent Thread's post (and her whole #sewingleftovers hashtag) and straight up copied her idea to use the pattern to make a cross body bag. Beej and I are going to Europe this summer, and I think it would be great to have a small bag to carry the essentials while sightseeing. 

With the exception of the zipper, everything I used for this is a scrap or taken from an unsuccessful project. The strap and D-rings are from an old purse I found in the back of my closet.

I had so much material that I ended up making an additional bag without the strap, which I'm giving to my boss for her birthday next week. She travels for work all the time, so I think it might make a handy travel bag. I will resist the urge to point out the various mistakes I made—like the wonky zipper— when I give it to her. :)

Sorry if the above pic is giving you vertigo.  I had trouble getting a decent shot of the lining, which is an April Rhodes rayon that I absolutely love. Before I forget, here are the deets:

  • Much like the idea that it's just as easy to make two lasagnas as one, I constructed these simultaneously, which is something I've never done before. It worked out fairly well, though it also meant that when I did make mistakes I had to rip out twice as many stitches. 
  • The instructions are incredibly clear, accompanied by many, many photographs. The ripping of stitches, mentioned in the previous bullet, was entirely down to me trying to watch SNL last night and quickly construct and sew during the commercials. 
  • I interfaced both the lining and the outer material. For the lining I used featherweight; for my crossbody bag I used a very heavy interfacing that one would use for craft projects; the travel pouch is made with midweight. Mainly I was focused on using up old supplies in my stash. 
  • I purchased my zippers from Zipit Zippers. The package arrived super quick, and the price was much better than what's usually available in brick and mortar stores—5 zippers for $7.50.

In other news, I made another Chalk and Notch Fringe blouse. If you're interested in making this top, I recorded my notes in this post. Here are few more quick notes.
  • I added 1" waist darts for just a teensy bit of shaping. Overall, though, I like the fit to be relaxed. 
  • Fabric is the last of my Blackbird Fabrics tencel. I just need to remember to keep it out of the dryer. My kalle has a slightly sandwashed quality from the dryer. 
  • I'm not finished with this pattern yet. I still want to make a dress AND try the other sleeve and collar options.

Well, that's all I've got today. Hopefully, I'll have some slick new coverstitched hems/knit projects to share next time I blog. Have an absolutely lovely week and thank you very much for reading. 

(P.S. The tee shirt in the first pic is the Plantain reboot by Deer and Doe. I need to practice a bit more with my coverstitch before hemming.)

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