Saturday, July 28, 2018

Summer Clothes: Another Kalle

Hello! Hope you're having an excellent weekend. I'm just sitting here procrastinating. I want to make a Deer and Doe Nenuphar Jacket, but the thought of taping all those pdf pattern, maybe a glass of wine and a blog post first. Speaking of Deer and Doe, the other day I happened upon the blog of the D & D curvy model, Elodie, and have been really enjoying reading about her makes. Since I don't speak French, I'm able to read it via Google Translate, which isn't quite the same but you get the gist. I love how in the translated version sewing patterns are called "bosses." I get why—patron=boss—but it still makes me smile. I'm actually going to France in a month, so I guess that's why I've been a bit of a francophile these days.

Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand which is another Closet Case Patterns Kalle tunic but this time in a refreshing white linen.

It's linen, baby. Gotta embrace those wrinkles. 

I really noticed my lack of warm-weather clothes while staying at my parents' in hot, humid TN. Then I had to do some traveling for work—first to the Pacific Northwest (Portland and Seattle) and then to Phoenix, AZ. All those knit tops I like to make are way too heavy for hot weather. It was 115-freakin'-degrees in Phoenix! That's where linen comes in. Isn't it the best to sew? I love the steamy smell of the flax when you press it, and the way it stitches up so easily without any puckering. It's also timeless and elegant, IMHO. 

And I LOVE the buttons from ArrowMountain. In fact, the shirt was progressing pretty slowly until these buttons arrived in the mail. I also bought these gorgeous black hexagon buttons and phases of the moon. You can't see it in the pic below, but the hex buttons have tiny hex-shaped holes. Love that kind of attention to detail!

Just to change things up from my usual work bathroom selfie, here's a hotel bathroom selfie for ya. 

I've blogged about previous Kalles here and here. Additional notes below. 
  • Like my first version: Size 20, no FBA. Tunic, popover version with tabbed collar. 
  • Also like previous: Shortened 2" at the "shorten here" line. 
  • New mod: In addition to the previous 2" mod, I also shortened the back tail by 2" so it wouldn't hang quite so low. It still covers my butt, but it won't peak out from long cardigans. 
  • I've been obsessed with owning the perfect white shirt for a while now. The first one I made, a Mila Itch to Stich popover, was made from fabric with poor drape so I hardly ever wore it. The second had excellent drape but was too sheer to wear without something under or over it. I think this white linen from Blackbird fabrics hits the sweet spot of being light but not too sheer. Now it's just a matter of keeping it stain-free. Fortunately, I've recently discovered how well my husband's Doc Bronner's liquid castile soap works on stains, so fingers crossed. 
  • I ignored the cuff instructions, opting for a simpler technique of sewing as I would a jersey cuff and serging the raw seam.
  • That curved hem...damn. Turning the bias binding under 1/4" for the last pass on the machine is never easy. I used wonder clips for the curve and a shitload of pins for the rest. It really is worth taking the extra time, though, since it's the side curve that makes this pattern so special. 
  • Completely blew off the top button hole because it was way too thick for my machine.

Well, I think I've said everything I can about a pattern I've made three times. I'll just leave you with pics of delicious food from Phoenix's Sicilian Butcher. Have a fab week!

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