Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nenuphar: The Jacket I Never Knew I Needed

Hello! Or should I say Bonjour? So this is just a mid-week quickie blog post. I don't have a lot of pics (as usual), but I feel compelled to share my experience with the Nenuphar jacket from Deer and Doe. I don't make a lot of different things; it's mostly tops and undies on this blog. So whenever I go outside of my comfort zone a little, it's pretty damn exciting. 

I bought the Nenuphar pattern almost immediately after the launch because it's adorable and they recently expanded their size range, but then I sat on it for a bit. I was worried it wouldn't work on my curvy plus bod, nervous about set-in sleeves after my Kelly Anorak, and was just kind of unsure about the look--like maybe it would be a little too art teacher chic on a person my age. Ultimately, though, I decided that I like art teacher chic and to just go for it. And I'm so glad I did. It totally fills the office-wear cardigan hole during summer. Dressing for the office can feel like a uniform: black/dark/non-denim pants, nice top (i.e., not a tee shirt), cardigan. A little linen kimono jacket does the same job as a cardigan but feels so fresh for summer. It's a nice surprise since I didn't have super high expectations. 

Without further ado, here's my toilet selfie and a few construction notes. 

  • Sorry, this was a particularly rushed toilet selfie. I think I heard someone coming.
  • Made a size 50, which is the second largest size. Even though my 48" bust measurement put me in the largest size, I had a feeling I should size down. It's open (no closures) and an oversized design to begin with. 
  • While it's somewhat oversized, I really like that it's not overwhelming or overly large. I think the proportions are very well thought out. Also, the set-in sleeve helps with this. 
  • Speaking of set-in sleeves, these were sooooo easy. There's barely a sleeve head. I ended up sewing them in flat rather than setting them and it was completely painless and drama free. 
  • Short person mods: I shortened the sleeves 1.5 at the "shorten here" line / shortened 7/8 of an inch at the torso "shorten here" line.
  • This comes together VERY quickly. An easy weekend make. The pattern pieces fit very well together. I always get a little nervous when the placket is supposed to meet the bottom because I'm so often off by an inch or so, but it all fit so well together. 
  • My one piece of advice in varying from the instructions is when you're instructed to sew the pockets on before hemming/adding the placket. It wasn't that it was terribly off, but I would just baste them on and see where you like the pockets when the jacket is finished. The jacket is unlined, so there's no special reason to sew them on at the beginning of construction. 
  • Fabric is a lovely terra cotta linen/silk blend from Fabric Outlet. I think I paid around $15 per yard if I paid full price. Love, love, love this color. 
So that's my Nenuphar jacket. I made it for my summer vacay to wear with jeans, but I think it might also be an office staple, at least for Indian summer and next spring. I'm already thinking about making one in sensible black crepe, though I'm loving all the statement Nenuphars I'm seeing in bold patterns.

In other news, I made a True Bias Lodo but shortened it as a top. 

I'm not going to say very much because it's a shift dress that I shortened to a top. Pretty simple. I marked the pattern cut line with a green highlighter so I can go back and make another top the same length. That's my hot tip for you. I used a nice quality ponte stripe from Mood. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I'm visiting France in a few weeks. The problem is I sew and wear striped jersey tops all the time, but I feel like I can't wear them in Paris for fear of looking like a walking cliche. People will be like, "hey, where's your baguette?"

Anyhoo, I'll leave you with some pictures of nice-looking Lodo guts. I do love the woven/knit combo and the nice finish you get.  Have a fantastic week and thank you for reading!


  1. Your jacket looks great. I think it and your striped lodo will look very chic in France—those wider stripes will save the day!