Saturday, September 26, 2009

Project Runway Obsession Continues

I am seriously going to have to start working on my own projects, but at the moment I'm still currently obsessed with Project Runway. What can I say, it's such a pleasant diversion. Anyway, the above designs are from this season's finale, so obviously no one knows whose they are yet. I'm sure there are a lot of theories floating around... I love the blue dress - gorgeous color, sumptuous-looking fabric, sigh.

So judging from most of the comments I read on various PR fansites, it looks like I'm in the minority in that I'm more impressed with this latest crop of designers than most. Most people seem to think that the quality and level of creativity have gone downhill, but it seems to me that so far this season they have been given only one-day challenges (i.e. "you have until midnight"), which doesn't always yield the best results. Of course, they do this to amp up the tension and hopefully catch some on-screen drama, catfights, etc., which is a shame since I think a lot of people are more interested in seeing what these talented folks can do.

There's an interesting podcast on Blogging Project Runway - an interview with Stella Zotis (aka Leathah of Season 5) where she talks a little bit about her creative process and how she was affected by time constraints. To paraphrase, she said that her process usually starts with one idea that will evolve and change over several days. I think that's how most artists are used to working - to consider and evaluate and spend some time with an idea in order to make it better. So hopefully we'll see some challenges where the designers are given a little more time and aren't expected to perform like dancing mice (Coraline reference - just saw it. Loved it!)

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