Monday, September 14, 2009


Above are some of my favorite looks from Christian Siriano's (of Project Runway fame) show at New York Fashion week. I think all of the designers on the show this season and previous seasons are amazingly talented. Imagine, to be able to create runway pieces without a pattern out of all sorts of materials under incredibly stressful conditions in a day or so. They all deserve credit. However, it seems to me that Christian, above all the others, has really proven his mettle post Runway.

I absolutely love the pattern on the material which, according to his notes, are aerial photographs of the Italian coastline that were "flipped, modified, repeated and saturated with Volcanic and Oceanic colors." They're just so gorgeous and fascinating to look at. I don't know...something about the way he used technology, but ultimately the end result is still so wonderfully organic. Lovely.


  1. I remember seeing 'Project Runway' for the first time when we were on our second Glass Beach adventure.

    Not being much of a reality show fan (except for the first 'Joe Millionaire', which was awesome)- I was skeptical. But, I'm glad I listened to you and gave it a try!

    As you mentioned in your post (and to me that night at Glass Beach)- unlike most reality shows- 'PJ' has people with actual TALENT competing for something

    (Although, I would argue being a gold-digging hoochie isn't as easy as it looks. But, I digress)

    'PJ' is perfect for TV because not only is it process-oriented, but the end product is so visual! The cooking/chef competition shows are good, too (being process-oriented), but you can't really appreciate the end product because you can't smell it or taste it!

    Christian did indeed kick much ass. And he's got business savvy. In addition to designing for the runway and/or towering, stick-thin women, he's designing things that the rest of humanity can and might want to wear...

    (Like Isaac Mizrahi does. Of course, my respect for Issac Mizrahi has more to do with the fact that he felt up Scarlett Johansson. But, again, I digress).

    Also, Christian can actually sew like a mo-fo!

  2. << Also, Christian can actually sew like a mo-fo! >>

    And by "mo-fo" I mean "motherfucker"- not a comment on his sexual orientation. Just wanted to make that clear.

    Between this and the Scarlett Johannson comment, I should probably just shut up now...

  3. Exactly, that's why I could never get into a lot of reality shows. I love to see people actually making things. I care less about alliances and politics.

  4. Not that PR (not PJ, but I knew what you meant) doesn't have a lot of reality show trappings and manipulations.

  5. Not that PR (not PJ, but I knew what you meant) doesn't have a lot of reality show trappings and manipulations.

    Why the hell did I call it "PJ"?!

    I must have been crushing the word "project" together in my mind instead of "Project Runway".

    Or I was too distracted thinking about Scarlett Johannson. JUST KIDDING, bb!

    But, yeah- 'PR' definitely has its reality show conventions. They like to get the designers on camera (or better still, talking with each other "in private") about how so-in-so sucks or whatever.

    But, my fave reality show convention they use is the music! I love the drumbeats right before Heidi announces whose "ow-t"! Followed by the "acoustic guitar of relief & happiness" when she announces the winner!

    But, all in all- it's great entertainment. And I think I've learned a little bit about fashion. And, of course, Tim Gunn rules. He's a class act. He'd never feel up Scarlett Johannson on national TV...

  6. Gorgeous dresses, Donna, thank you : )

  7. Holy moley, those are gorgeous. He is such an amazing designer!

  8. wow, the long evening gown in blue is stunning! and to find out it's from photos of the Italian coastline makes me love it even more!