Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Romulan Fashion

One night a couple of weeks ago, I came home to find my husband watching old Star Trek reruns while updating his blog. The colors of the old episodes are so beautiful; they immediately suck me in. Then I saw this dress and couldn't believe how cool and 60s mod (while also being super wearable now) it was.
I usually associate Star Trek costumes with micro minis, but this gown is really elegant. I wish I could find another picture of the dress because the draping on the bottom is so lovely. Here's a pic of the top part of the Romulan uniform followed by a full length shot.
I love the two corresponding patterns. I think they used the back of a herringbone fabric to make it seem more alien. The skirt is just way too short, in my opinion, but the top part is pretty. Overall, some really interesting ideas here and they don't seem all that dated to me.

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  1. William Ware Theiss kicked major ass.

    I'll have to dig out my copy of The Making of Star Trek for you. The chapter on costume design is, as a certain Vulcan would say, "Fascinating" (heh-heh)