Thursday, October 8, 2009

Virtual Shopping: Mustard and Plum

Since I have no business shopping for real these days, I thought I'd do a little virtual shopping - so much more fun than sipping on those virtual cocktails people send me via Facebook. The other day I was walking home from Stow Lake and I saw a girl wearing a mustard cardigan over a plum-colored top. Her colors were so pretty and fall-like; I couldn't help but smile. I used the color tool at Etsy, which is a lot of fun. My only criticism is that it often picks up the background color instead of the color of the actual object, and who cares about that? Here's a rundown of the images I've shown clockwise from the top:
You're My Super Freak Greeting Card, by bjoytomac . So cute!
Kilim Sofa by Anthropologie. I don't think I would actually ever buy this, but I like the fuzzy upholstery fabric - kind of like a cross between a terry cloth bathrobe and a sweater.
Yellow Maple Leaves Photograph by allisonostertag . I don't think we ever get to see that kind of dramatic fall coloring here in San Francisco. So pretty.
Purple Mum Earrings by Nomsa . I like little earrings, and these are only $5. Very cute.


  1. This is a classic combination and one of my favorites! I love that couch!

  2. I love the mustard/plum pairing. And after wearing the same 6 items of clothing for a year I love thinking about new clothes! Thanks for the inspiration.