Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sakura Scores and Etsy Artwork

The above art is by Annemadeart and the art below it is by muddipuppy.
I purchased both of these prints way back in October of 08 and was immediately struck by their similarities in subject matter and palette, so I decided to put them in the same frame. Since I was just playing around, I had not bothered to mount them on paper and had just used the backside of the ikea label on the frame. Today, during one of my jaunts to my favorite Japanese discount store, Sakura, I found some lovely handmade paper, which, I think, provides a much better backdrop for my sweet elephants. Oh, and finding the red elephant watering can for $1.15 was just a bonus.


  1. they look GREAT together! How FUN!!! ...and I am in love with that other piece. I'm off to check out her shop.

  2. Cool paper, bb! It definitely makes the prints pop. And you left out the best part: you dove under a car to retrieve the roll of paper when it fell out of your bag!

    "Gurl, u crazy!" as the kids say nowadays.

    And, of course, the watering can is great.

  3. Gee, thanks. But I didn't dive under a car; I just saw that it had rolled underneath a parked car. You make me sound like T. J. Hooker!

  4. T.J. Hooker only jumped on the hood of cars... B^)

    But, seriously, the paper adds a lot to your print-pairing, bb.

  5. The paper does work really well the prints and it is neat that they work so well together.