Friday, February 5, 2010

How Lucky Am I!

My mom gave me these beauties during our visit last week, and I love them not only because they're fabulous and they're from my mom, but they also have a really great story behind them.

My mom was born in Germany and moved to America in her twenties - before I was born. When I was a teenager, she became friends with an older woman from Hungary whom she met randomly on the street. (I think she saw her walking down the street with fresh flowers sticking out of her grocery bag and struck up a conversation on impulse.) Anyway, her new friend, Gabriella - a lovely lady I got to know over the years and always enjoyed seeing -led a pretty fascinating life. She escaped from Hungary after WWII and went on to work for Radio Free Europe. I'm honored to have her beautiful glass earrings, though I'm a little concerned about losing them since they're clip-ons. I'm thinking I should convert them before I wear them just to be safe.

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