Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch

7th Ave & Irving, SF

My husband has been taking a lot of cool pictures of random street art lately and I'm particularly taken with Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch. I don't know what it is about him or her. There's the 1930's/Cabaret vibe, as well as the striking colors and a mix of hard and soft edges that I like. Also, I guess I like what looks to be a building up of layers within a genre that requires the artist to work quite fast. It gives the work a feeling of immediacy while still looking well thought. Intriguing stuff.

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  1. For more, check out Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch's own flickr page.

    The piece in your post was located at 7th Ave@Irving (in front of the Wishbone store) about a month ago. But, it's long gone now. Such is the nature of street art...