Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year: Goals Not Resolutions

I got this lovely book for Christmas and would like to share a tip the author received from Joel Robuchon: When roasting a chicken, lean the chicken on its head so that the juices run to the breast - the part that cooks the fastest and is often the driest. I really enjoyed my low-key New Year's Eve of cooking a simple roast chicken, along with some sinfully rich potatoes au gratin and a fresh herb salad. I know it's not fancy or even special to roast a chicken, but I'm trying to remain committed to enjoying life while living within our means. Besides, it was really delicious and fun, and I don't think I would have necessarily had more fun going to a fancy restaurant.

Like most of us, I'm sure, I started thinking of New Year's resolutions. For the last few years I've actually kept my resolutions because I tend to think of them more as goals and less as resolutions. Instead of resolving to do or not to do something, which kind of feels like setting one's self up for failure, I try to make a list of tangible, fairly specific goals that I might achieve in a year. This year I divided them up into categories: Career, Personal, Bliss. I won't share my specific goals because I'm still working out how much of myself I feel comfortable sharing online, but I do think they're all realistic and achievable and also aligned with my long-term hopes and dreams.

However you are able to move forward towards your goals and long-cherished dreams, I hope it's a happy, prosperous and creative time for you filled with love and joy. Happy New Year!

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