Monday, October 31, 2011

Only a Little Halloweenish...

DSCN2610 I finally tested out my new EZ screenprinting system, and I have to say I am loving how fast and easy is to expose your screen. Here I am rinsing out the screen in the shower: IMGP2870 I need to tinker with the actual printing set up, as I much prefer the old-school wooden frame set up with the kickstand. The thing about screenprinting is that it can be SO messy, so the wooden frame set up just helps to streamline things in my humble opinion. But exposing the screen, omigosh that too less than a minute. Just took it outside and held it up to the sun. Awesome. Here's a photo of the back of my pillow. I cut without really measuring or planning, which is a terrible habit, I know, but I kind of like the little tie backs for the back of the pillow. DSCN2614 Overall, the EZ system is totally fun and easy, and I'm looking forward to more projects with this system. Oh, before I forget, Happy Halloween! DSCN2611

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