Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Miracle


What a random ride life is. And what an amazing thing the internet (and by association, Etsy) is. So the other day I talked about taking risks and being rewarded in really interesting ways: A few months ago an editor of craft books (Lark Craft) contacted me via Etsy because they're doing a craft project book that features shrink plastic. I believe the book is tentatively called SHRINK, Shrank, shrunk. Much to my amazement, they purchased two of my designs (shown above), which will be featured, along with an "about the artist" byline in a craft book next year. If I had never put myself out there, this remarkable opportunity would have never come my way. Amazing!

The Christmas miracle part: I am completely broke (it's been a tough month) and was planning on closing my savings account to make rent. The check from the publishers arrived in my mailbox today! Again, amazing!

To anyone and everyone out there in the void, have a joyful holiday. And if you don't celebrate, have a terrific weekend.  Wishing everyone a positive New Year full of growth and prosperity. :)


  1. Yes, isn't the 'net a magical thing? Same thing happened to me (One project in Shrink... etc.), completely out of the blue. Yay, congratulations, happy happy, and here's to more miracles in the coming year! (Here's mine: )

  2. Hi Tamara,
    Your cameos are super cool. What a great idea! Yay to more creative projects (and surprises) in 2012.