Friday, January 6, 2012

Just For Fun - Project Runway All Stars

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Just for fun, I'm going to blog about Project Runway All Stars. I don't really do snarky humor, and I don't see the point in straightforward recapping (If you're that big a fan, you watch the show. Why would you need someone to tell you what happened?).  So my recaps will just be my opinions, observations, a moodboard and maybe some lesser known facts.

So let's start the show. Wasn't it great seeing all those familiar faces and right away knowing everyone instead of the usual PR first episodes of trying to remember everyone? Also, like Top Chef Masters and Next Iron Chef, the contestants are a lot more secure so there's more of a collegial vibe which I really enjoy. And how adorable was Michael Costello and Mondo's reunion? Or seeing Rami arm in arm with Sweet P. .. Aww!

Speaking of Rami, congrats! I can't believe what he did with laundry bags. (Actually, I always think of them as refugee bags because I used to work with refugees and they would carry whatever possessions they had left in those bags.) What was remarkable is that the dress was so puffy and maybe not wearable for the average woman, but so stunning on the model. I thought Isaac made an excellent point when he said that Rami "made the materials his bitch." There wasn't a single wrinkle or rough edge in the entire garment. Lovely Rami. I will never forget his candy wrapper dress. Amazing.


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And farewell to sweet, kooky Elisa. Sure, she was there more as a character than a competitor, but I thought her outfit was rather unique and reminiscent of the original. At least her design was creative. The fine artists always seem to leave early because their ideas don't always match their execution. I think they're used to working in a studio and mulling ideas over for weeks, months, years. Speaking of fine artists, I remember reading somewhere that she was an artist's assistant to Cindy Sherman. That's actually very impressive.

So, farewell Elisa. It probably should have been Sweet P, but, hey, somebody's gotta be the first.

Next week: Looks like there's going to be some major drama between April and Michael. Hmmm. I hope Lifetime doesn't jerk us around this season with misleading previews like it has the past few seasons. Okay, so this was fun. I'm definitely on board.


  1. And "snarky humor" on the internet is passe as far as I'm concerned. Oh, wait- I mean: IMHO or whatever the kids are saying nowadays...

  2. Donna, you are right - Elisa did work for Sherman. Her father was also the late (and amazing) artist Luis Jimenez, known for his sculptures (one of which fell on him and tragically killed him btw). He also did some out-there but super cool stuff, like a painting of a car "being intimate" with a woman. So, she comes by her awesomeness naturally.

  3. Thank you, Anon! I just looked up her father's work. Very cool.