Friday, January 20, 2012

PR - All Stars Ep 3 - "A Present For Kermie"

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I have always had a soft spot for Gordana. She got a raw deal on her season, which actually inspired me to write this rant in 2009. (I was going through a pretty stressful period in my life and was maybe taking the show just a wee bit too seriously. ;) ) Anyway, so I felt bad because, though Gordana's wasn't my favorite dress, I felt that Mila was the one to go since she pretty much ignored the challenge and made something for her collection. I didn't love Gordana's baby doll nightie, but I really love her attitude, creativity and experimentation with fabrics. Also, even though she didn't grow up with Miss Piggy (shouldn't it be Ms.? Isn't she a little old to be a Miss?) as she reminds us in her BPR interview, at least she gave the challenge some thought.

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And congrats to Michael. I was really surprised because Rami seemed to be getting all the love. Maybe it was more impressive in person, or I need a bigger tv, or something... Rami's was fun, and I thought he was clever to pick up on her movement with the fluttery sleeves, but I really loved Kenley's and that adorable giraffe print. I don't know if a poufy retro skirt was the way to go, though. Some of the critiques were a little weird. Yes, the neckline was plunging, but I was scratching my head when Georgina mentioned the danger of falling out of her top. What's Miss Piggy got to fall out? It's sort of like Gordana being concerned about a puppet's comfort. One of my favorite moments was watching a poker-faced Joanna Coles advise her not to focus too much on comfort. Yep, things got a little strange.

By the way, does anybody else think that Kenley is way sweeter this time around? She just looks like she's having fun with the whole experience. Actually, they all do.

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I love how Mondo always takes such a thoughtful approach to challenges, but I feel like he lost his way a bit. The styling, which didn't help, was severe and, oddly, reminded me of Joan Allen in Pleasantville. And Austin... Miss Piggy said it best, "and those bows!"

Looking forward to Diane Von Furstenberg, who happens to be inspiiired by nature,  next week.


  1. ...Miss Piggy (shouldn't it be Ms.? Isn't she a little old to be a Miss?)
    Are you trying to get us killed?!! Of course she's young enough to be a "Miss". Heh-heh. Donna was just kidding, Miss Piggy!

    What's Miss Piggy got to fall out?
    (slaps forehead) I give up. You're on yer own, bb! B^)

    Yep, things got a little strange.
    Yeah, that about sums up the whole ep. But, Miss Piggy was awesome. As always.

    Too bad Isaac Mizrahi missed all the fun.

  2. Beej: you're right, Miss Piggy IS awesome. I still think she would be equally fabulous as a Ms...

  3. Found your blog looking to see if I could find a pic of Ms. Piggy wearing Michael's dress. Couldn't. This was one of my most FAVORITE eps to date.