Sunday, January 29, 2012

PR - All Stars Ep 4 - Flavor of the Week

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I've always loved the dichotomy that is April. Such a tough, dark exterior yet so soft and vulnerable. Back in season 8, she designed her HP fabric based on being split in two during her parents' divorce. I thought it was some of her best work.

When given a reasonable amount of time, these qualities yield results that really show her unique and powerful voice. Unfortunately, this challenge was just too short and ridiculous to yield really excellent results from anyone.

April, good for you for staying true to your aesthetic! Sorry you didn't have more time, but I'm sooo very happy that you are designing fabrics for JoAnn fabric. Yay! It's so wonderful to have some interesting, decent options in JoAnn fabric besides the usual matronly, quilty lot there.

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Congratulations, Michael. It really was draped beautifully and moved like liquid behind the model.

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with most everyone because it was a ridiculously short challenge. I get that it's a good way to ramp up drama, but I don't see how the pressure to be creative works with not having any time to experiment.

I really liked Mila's dress, but I think Isaac Mizrahi and I are the only people who feel this way. The STRANGEST critique definitely came from Georgina Chapman who said something about how the sheer red through white "conjures up a strange color." You mean, like, pink?  I loved how Mila's dress reminded me of melted ice cream swirls with the overlapping sheer panels. I hated her heavy styling, though.

I didn't think Kara's dress was so bad. The waist just need to be lowered a couple of inches. No big deal.  However, TLo DID point out that Kara was recycling an old design. Can't say I blame her.

And, Mondo! LOVE, Love, love Mondo! The color combination was fantastic, but I really hated the belt. Anthony seemed to think it was all about being the fastest seamstress, but the top looks were all pretty simple. The creativity showed in the color/pattern choices.

Dear Project Runway All Stars, no more super fast challenges please. Thank You.

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