Saturday, February 4, 2012

PR All Stars Ep 5 - Taking It To the Streets

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Anthony once again earned his title as Miss Congeniality (or is it Miss Antoinetta?) by going out with grace and poise. It's actually kind of refreshing to see someone not get all emotional. His final outfit was sort of all over the place, and seemed to have nothing to do with his muse, Maeve, who looked more like a garden nymph or woodland sprite than a turban-wearing socialite. Do socialites wear turbans? I have no idea...

Anyway, I'm sure Anthony was missed by his fellow All Stars (with the possible exception of Mila), as he clearly provided a lot of comic relief and was just completely lovable and adorable.

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Hooray for Mondo! I let out a big cheer when Mondo won. I can't think of a challenge that is more in his wheelhouse. Patching different fabrics together is not as easy as it looks. To borrow a term from Tim Gunn, it can look a little too, "happy hands at home." Of course, it didn't hurt that he found the perfect muse wearing a dress that looked like something Mondo had already designed. I thought his muse was adorable and loved that she asked for more money. Hey, Lifetime can afford it.

Getting back to the idea of mixing fabrics and patterns for a minute: While I know, of course, that Mondo didn't invent this style -  he's just known for it because he has a particular knack for combining patterns - I can't help but think some of his fellow designers were either influenced by his style or following his lead in some way. At least that's how it looks to me when I see Kenley and Jerell's looks next to Mondo's. Kenley even has the over-sized houndstooth on the side panels.

And I know I will be in the minority for liking Jerell's garment. I can't help liking it the more I look at it -  even though I thought it was beyond slutty when I first saw it. His girl just looks so confident and the shoulder piece is so interesting and powerful. But, overall,  I loved Mondo's look the most and I totally want that jacket. Fun episode!


  1. I wonder which designer would have picked me for a muse if I had been there? None of them seem particularly fond of superhero T-shirts and dusty fedoras. B^) Great recap, bb! You're right, it was a fun episode!

  2. Thanks! Actually, there were a few fedoras on the runway. You would've fit right in. :)

    1. I suppose- as long as I didn't have to wear Jerell's creation. B^)