Saturday, February 11, 2012

PR - All Stars Ep 6 - "FashionMania"

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Who doesn't love Rami? He is and always will be a class act. I didn't love his aufed outfit (auf-fit?), but I adore his warm personality, mad sewing skillz and facility with a candy wrapper. Speaking of which, I learned on his website that, along with designing the Roman togas for Madonna's Super Bowl show, he's been working on a paper dress project for Papyrus. The dresses are really stunning and could even give Isabelle de Borchgrave a run for her money.

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This is what I love about Project Runway: when a challenge brings out a special talent (like working with paper) and leads to other projects. Rami really does excel when it comes to unconventional materials as shown by his All Stars win.

And congratulations Jerell! I thought the whole coat controversy (coatraversy? Okay, I really need to stop) was interesting because it sort of illustrated the major difference between Jerell and Michael and why I will defend something Jerell makes (like last week's Lion King costume) over pretty much anything Michael makes. Michael has always been derivative - something Isaac has brought up on a number of occasions - which is fine. We are all influenced by things we see and like. What Michael doesn't have, though, is a strong point of view.  He can drape and sew super fast and make women look thin and beautiful, but he doesn't really have a signature style. Jerell was wise to sit back and let the judges see this.

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Other garments of note: I loved Mila's outfit and thought it was the most fashion forward, while still being wearable. The cape had a weird shoulder lump, but the lines were sleek and the red really popped.

Then there was Kenley: I've been a strong supporter of Kenley this season. She's wisely used this opportunity to clean up her public image and she definitely does not lack a strong point of view. I just canNOT see anyone over the age of seven wearing a polka dot romper, no matter how cute her model looks. I still can't believe Mondo got called out for being junior and Kenley's garment wasn't. I think the critiques could have flipped if Mondo hadn't requested a 50's do for his model's hair. I was fine with all the accumulative references with his accessories, but the retro hair was too specific.

So next week: Broadway! Austin does jazz hands! Jerell can create another Lion King outfit!

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