Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love...

More pretty to look at today. Counter clockwise from the top:

I'm obsessed with this druzy (drusy?) by JenniJewel. Love the combination of gray and gold. The gold gives the gray warmth. The gray gives the gold just a bit of an edge.

Another pretty druzy - this time in peach and silver - by Melanie Garton of Someplace Elsewhere. I love that there are all these talented designers on Etsy doing fine metal work. I also love the hand-etched leaves. Nice touch.

I love a pair of gold hoops that I can wear with anything. These are by Elisabeth Rosas Jewelry, and I have been an admirer of her work for a long time. I believe she studied silver work in Mexico. I can't think of a better place to learn the art. I love the organic yet modern feel of this natural design combined with the classic look.


  1. thanks for adding my hoops to your list Donna! I agree druzies are so stunning.

  2. I LOVE Elizabeth Rosas Jewelry!!! Such a talented artist!!