Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Interior


I think I audibly gasped when I saw Don and Megan Draper's apartment on the Season Five premiere of Mad Men last night. The texture on the wall, the brightly colored pillows against all that brown, the deck and the way the space is delineated so perfectly fits their image as a successful, urban couple in the mid sixties. I understand that the people who work on the show go to a great deal of trouble to find the perfect items in mint, vintage condition. And if they can't find it, they'll make it.

I love how it looks like something out of a magazine from the sixties. Perfectly appropriate because while I would imagine that most people's homes didn't look so magazine-perfect, they're in advertising. They are the models for the slick, idealized lifestyle that enables them to sell so many products.

Of course, what's great about Mad Men is that it's about looking beyond that perfect facade, but for now I just want to gaze at that incredible apartment.


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