Saturday, March 10, 2012

PR All Stars -Ep 10: Project (Almost) Redemption


Farewell, Kenley. To say that I'm disappointed that I won't get to see more of your work in the final is putting it lightly. But, it's a television show and I'm sure that many of the decisions were predetermined. What a shame. On the bright side, good for you for not letting them turn you into a caricature. You didn't talk trash, your work was consistently good and you made a wonderfully gracious exit. Good for you.

I thought the peacock pattern was fabulous. Where can I get some of that fabric? I'm a beginner sewer, so I don't know about the whole keyhole controversy. Seems like she could have put something there. Then again, that was an awfully large pattern repeat.

pr_allstars_ep 10

Congratulations Mondo! As usual, I thought he made a lot of smart choices. The cut is looser and therefore more forgiving for the average, non-model woman. Also, a lot of his color and pattern choices - chevrons, chartreuse, the pinks and purples - are really on trend and seem to fit in with Nanette Lepore's shop.

I love Mondo, but I'm getting a little tired of his whiny, tortured artist attitude. Who cares if he can't sketch? Couldn't he use a croquis? Okay, maybe that wasn't available on his HP notebook, though it should be, but it still wasn't a big deal.

Also, it's obvious that Kenley irritates him and I can kind of understand what that's like. He's basically an introvert forced to spend all his time with some seriously bombastic personalities, but the girl made him eggs. He needs to remember his manners.  Back in his season, Mondo won my heart when he did something so simple and yet something almost no one does anymore: he admitted he was being a jerk and apologized. I'd love to see that Mondo again.

The other designs: Austin's was fine just not fabulous. I like the berry color. My husband suggested that Michael has compromising and/or nude photos of all the judges, producers, etc, because neither of us understand the Michael love.

Next week: First part of the finale. Is this going to be a pretend Fashion Week finale or what?

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  1. Seriously, why does everyone love Michael so much? I don't profess to be a whiz at this-here fashion thing but I just don't see why his stuff is considered so awesome. Also, he gives me the creeps. OK, maybe "creeps" is to strong. He annoys me. He gives me the "annoys".

    On a completely unrelated topic: Kenley shouldn't sing. Or try to sing. Go to her website- you'll see what I mean.