Saturday, March 3, 2012

PR All Stars - Ep 9: Your Dress In Lights

pr_all stars_jerell

Farewell, Jerell. You followed your own aesthetic, never doubted yourself and took some serious risks. I wish I had half your confidence. You are super likable and smart. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Jerell's final outfit wasn't bad. As Georgina noted, it had movement and a sense of fun. As usual, though, there were just too many geegaws. Also, Jerell was so proud of being the only one to use fiber optic materials, but I thought that just made it look dated and cheap. Anyone remember Spencer Gifts? Isaac's joke store criticism was spot on. And it was hilarious when Georgina referenced a rave during Jerell's critique - or was it Michael's?


Congratulations, Austin! I LOVED his point of inspiration - celestial, stardust, etc.  I also thought it was adorable how his eyes lit up like a small child on Christmas morning when Angela featured her light-up skirt. Actually, his eyes lit up through pretty much most of the episode. Except, of course, when he talked to his mom, who, by the way, looks super young and pretty. (I thought Austin looked really uncomfortable during the after show when Joanna brought up the whole mom ordeal.) Austin leaped feet first towards his inspiration and it paid off.

I absolutely loved Kenley's design. As the judges noted, she managed an oversized jacket and circle skirt and still kept it incredibly flattering. I could definitely see Nicki Minaj rocking her look. Speaking of rocking looks, I noticed Kenley was rocking some pedal pushers. Dear designers of the world, can we please have pedal pushers this summer? That would make me so happy.

I thought Mondo's dress was kind of cool; it just didn't wow me. The only thing I liked about Michael's dress was the hair.
Next week: No idea. Hang in there, Kenley. Don't let the passive aggressive bastards get you down!

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