Saturday, March 17, 2012

PR All Stars: What Is There To Say? No, really....

ep 11 moodboard

No fashions. A not so surprising twist. Mondo needs therapy. Austin's mysterious disappearing and reappearing mustache. Michael in the middle.

Seriously, I have no idea what to say about this episode. I think it would have worked better as a two hour finale, but I guess Lifetime wanted to squeeze everything they could out of the format.

Final thoughts before the finale:
  • Overall, despite this boring episode, it's been a pretty fun season. 
  • No Swatch sightings, though. Did he take the summer off?  
  • I like Joanna Coles as a mentor, but she's no Tim Gunn. However, I was surprised in this episode to see that Joanna is a hugger. She just doesn't seem like the type.
  • Georgina just could not have looked prettier or have been sweeter when she gave the designers their little pep talk. 
  • Seeing Mondo get all excited about having his own studio space confirms my theory that he's an introvert. I remember having similar feelings when I was traveling.  After spending so much time in hostels and on trains, I would get SO excited when I had my own room. He is being quite the pill, though.
  • Mondo and Mila are kind of like a design dream team. In this case, she was just an extra pair of hands, but I think they should seriously consider creating a label together. She would add sophistication to his sometimes, too junior aesthetic; he would add a touch of whimsy to her serious style. Just think about it...
This concludes my armchair analysis. Please let the second half of the finale not suck as much as the first half!

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