Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Drawing a Day

Things have finally slowed down enough for me that I'm starting to feel creative again. By slowing down I mean that I now just work one job instead of two. I worked two jobs for as long as I could - a year - and now I'm so so grateful to have relaxing WHOLE weekends to cook, paint, read, etc. And I missed blogging. I've always enjoyed it; even if no one reads my blog, I still like the process and how it inspires me and motivates me to improve my skills.

My latest fascination is with the Paper 53 app on my ipad. So. Much. Fun. I've played around with a lot of painting and drawing programs, but for a doodle app this one is really remarkable. It even inspired me to start a Tumblr blog to record my daily drawing. I'm really looking forward to pimping out my Tumblr page and finally reworking this blog now that I have time. I've still got the Etsy shop closed for now, but I'm looking forward to lots more making and posting. So many interesting things to do...


I'll have lots more to share soon, but here's a small sample of my daily pics. I don't have the stylus, so all images were drawn/painted with my finger.  Finger painting for adults - I love it.

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