Wednesday, May 28, 2014

arms: most of us have two, usually facing opposite directions.


What a fun week! I've been sewing up a storm, burning through my stash, making a mess, poking myself with pins, and having a great time. I found a great pattern that's simple enough for a beginner - no closures - from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns. Finding patterns that are not only cute, but designed for petites AND come in sizes that accommodate a large bust - well, it's a godsend. Sewing is already overwhelming for a beginner without having to monkey around with FBAs. (FBA = full bust adjustment. Yep, getting hip with the sewing lingo.)

I'm struggling a bit with wrapping my head around the geometry of garment construction - making something that's flat fit a round form. Is it just me or do instructions for attaching sleeves get glossed over a lot in sewing books? This seems like the hardest part of construction - yet most diagrams make it look so easy. This pattern (Mimosa) has raglan sleeves, which are supposed to be easier, but I still keep getting tripped up - hence the title for this post and also my new mantra for considering the symmetry of the human body.


This one's in linen, which, of course, frayed like crazy. But I love the feel of linen and think it'll be great for summer. I'm envisioning a clean, organized closet, full of simple minimalistic looks, where everything is visible and visually appealing.  I don't know how realistic that is with my lack of storage space and crazy Murphy door closet that swings halfway open on either side like a Scooby Doo bookshelf door. (Kind of hard to explain. I should take a picture.) But organizing and decluttering my life seems like a healthy distraction.


This red one is the last one I made. I used some cheapo fabric I bought years ago that itches a little. I wanted to play around with it since it had a border running along the bottom. Maybe it will get softer, and itch less, as I wash it. I hope so because I really felt cute wearing it today.

I will take pictures wearing my new garments at some point. Part of what is driving me to sew right now is that I want to develop a healthy body image. I think it's helpful to know my measurements.  Right now, though, I'm still taking baby steps. 

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