Sunday, June 15, 2014

Listen to the Experts


Not only are sewing bloggers knowledgeable, but they also happen to be very generous with their knowledge. Whether or not they sew professionally, they have a wealth of valuable expertise.  So when they say that quilting cotton isn't the best for garments, I should listen. Here's another Skinny Bitch/Curvy Chick top.


It's a quilting cotton purchased at Peapod, an adorable fabric shop a couple of blocks from my apartment. I had read that this type of cotton is not great for garments, but c'mon, just look at the cuteness. Bunnies cavorting against a traditional Japanese pattern. I just fell in love. In hindsight, maybe it would have worked better as a skirt since skirts can look good even if the fabric's a bit on the stiff side. That's the main problem with this fabric; it doesn't really move with my body.

But it's adorable, and I learned my moving on.

I've been reading so many sewing blogs lately. So much inspiration. I love how sewists are always striving towards excellence - the perfect fit, meticulous finishing, garments that look pretty inside and out. These are worthwhile endeavors. I'm still amazed when I don't completely screw up a pattern or bit of pretty fabric, so, while I notice my mistakes, I try not to obsess too much. But I do want to learn from these experts and spend more time on each garment, making the best version I can. This top isn't really an example of that. It's cute, but besides being an inappropriate fabric choice, I rushed to have something new to wear. I could have learned how to use my blind hem foot instead of trampling over those little bunnies with dark blue thread. It's not super obvious, but I notice it and it bugs me.

Fit, fabric, and finishing - so many things to think about and so many variables in the process, but I guess that's why I'm finding it so interesting. Onwards and upwards.


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