Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My First Moneta: A Progress Report


I spent Sunday afternoon working on my Colette Moneta, while envisioning myself lounging on the lanai in a few short months when we have our little Hawaiian holiday. This turquoise knit, purchased at Britex, is so amazingly soft and supple and feels really great on. Cutting it, however, was super challenging. It was pretty much like cutting water; it slipped and slithered and was nearly impossible to cut accurately.

And then there was the other challenge I had...


Yeah, so I sewed the collar on backwards. I had used painter's tape to mark the pieces, but then I removed some of them too early. Both sides looked so similar.  I knew at once which side was which AFTER I attached the collar. What's funny, though, is that I like how it looks. I goofed and my back collar thingy didn't cross like it's supposed to, so now it just looks like a collar. I think it gives the neckline a bit of visual interest.

The skirt is done for the most part. I just have to gather it with elastic, attach it to the bodice and hem. Despite my difficulties and serendipitous mistake, I have to say it's been pretty fun and easy. And I did it all with this bad boy...


I'm not even going to justify my purchase. I wanted it. I bought it. It makes me happy.

Too much of a big deal is made out of the threading. I watched this video on youtube and have been happily serging away since. No muss. No fuss.

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