Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vacation Wardrobe


We're going to Hawaii this summer! Kauai to be specific, and it's still many months away, but still...we're going to Hawaii!! Except for some long weekends in Mendocino and Lake Tahoe, and some trips to visit family, we haven't taken a trip in soooo long! I cannot wait to relax on our lanai and look at the ocean and paint flowers. The above picture is from my tumblr, and was inspired by this beautiful quilt.

I swear the craft a.d.d. is accelerating again because now I'm thinking about making a quilt and I haven't even finished my vacation wardrobe. Must. focus.

So below is another one of those Polyvore thingys. I was thinking about fun things to make and wear on our trip. I'd love to make a Mabel mini with one of the amazing Italian Scuba knits at Britex, but at $59 a yard that's probably not going to happen. But a person can dream...and settle for something cute but a little more within my budget.


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