Sunday, June 1, 2014

Working on a thoughtful plan.


I've been a big fan of Coletterie for quite some time and right now I'm loving the whole Wardrobe Architect concept. Now that I've gotten back into sewing and am willing to put some work into learning new skills, I want to really think about what I should make. I don't want to make a bunch of random stuff or binge on fabric I find on sale. Instead I want to focus on building a wardrobe. I'm trying to pay attention to what colors I'm drawn to, what shapes I like, what I have, and what I need to make or buy. 
The top pic is from my tumblr. Here I'm focusing on the colors I want for my garments - navy, black, white, golden yellow, salmon. Like my straight lines?


This is a pic I made on polyvore. I've never tried it before. Super fun - potentially a big time suck, though. I will not be buying all those clothes, but I would love to have that yellow cardigan and those Swedish Hasbeens. I guess I like simple, unstructured shapes, separates, lots of neutrals with just a little kick of color. I won't have that awesome gray skirt, but I will have something similar. I've joined the Mabel Sewalong. My first sewalong! I chose a soft but sturdy rayon double knit from Britex - a remnant - in a charcoal gray. Not the most daring, I know, but I think it will be a nice basic to have.

So wish me luck! My machine has been working consistently and not jamming up, so I'm nervous about fiddling with settings, inserting a double needle for finishing, etc. But what the hell...No guts no glory, right?

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