Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maybe Too Simple


I made this the weekend before last. It's the Colette Ginger pattern that I've had for ages and finally got around to making. I had something simple and minimalistic in mind, but also something kind of sumptuous. I have to say that the end result is pretty underwhelming.


I tried a bit of hemstitching to add a special little detail  - even bought a wing needle and cotton thread - but it's just too simple and not terribly well executed. This is a super close-up. Maybe if I used a longer stitch or more rows of hemstitching...Or maybe if I tried a different color of thread... It's hard sometimes to tell if something will turn out simple and  minimalistic or boring and conventional. Ah well, will keep working at it.

I also did a bad job fitting. It's way too big. So much so that I ended up rolling the waistband up once AND fastening the side with a safety pin when I wore it to work the other day. I felt so schlumpy in it that I couldn't wait to take it off when I got home. 


I also totally mangled the zipper. Here's something they don't mention in most sewing instructions: I guess you're supposed to trim off the top bit of zipper that doesn't meet and position accordingly to accommodate this.  This weekend I plan to go back to tee-shirts and throw in some leggings and a cardigan. I don't really wear a lot dresses or skirts, so I think I'll focus more on stuff I actually wear.

 I just realized that this post sounds kind of negative, but I'm not all that disappointed that it didn't turn out so great. I got some practice in with zippers and will focus more on fitting. Everything - the pattern, fabric, even the zipper - was stuff I had laying around. Overall, I wasn't particularly invested in the project, which, come to think of it, is probably why it ended up humdrum.

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