Sunday, July 6, 2014

More Tee Love

I am addicted to making t-shirts. So. Much. Fun. ...Seriously, even when I mess up, which is quite often, I still love seeing something so soft and comfy come together so quickly.

So this is the famous Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic. It would have turned out much nicer if I had chosen a more appropriate fabric, but I'm happy because it is so very soft - like baby butt soft.  I think I may have used what I've heard referred to as "tissue knits." Appropriate name, I think, since working with it was like handling wet toilet paper. The v-neck went a little wonky, so I tried to clean it up by trying to top stitch at midnight. Totally made it worse, and I was up until one trying to gently rip out the stitches. Sometimes you have to know when to quit.


My super soft tee without the circle scarf, which I also made this weekend and can't wait to wear to death. This yellow and white  burnout knit is super soft and sheer. I absolutely love it! P.S. Do you like my "photo styling" with the glasses? Silly, I know.


Here's another toilet paper knit, but this time I reverted to the awesome tonic tee by SBCC. I liked the Renfrew, but at this point I knew what I was getting into with the tissue knits, so I wanted something more familiar and with fewer pieces. I just love those little polka dots.

I actually started really enjoying working with these thin fabrics. I just decided to let go and not worry about controlling the fabric because it's going to do what it wants anyway. Which is not to say that I care less. I really am working to improve and develop my skills, and I believe my finishing is getting a little better, but I also don't see the point in making myself crazy over a tee shirt. 


So I can probably stop making tees for a while. I think I'm set.

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