Friday, July 4, 2014

Moving Forward With My Minimalist Wardrobe

Finished projects, yay! Simple finished projects, that is. T-shirts to be more specific... Anyhoo, check it out...

So this stripey one is my first try - basically a wearable muslin. I wanted to use up some scraps, which is why there's a seam running up the back, and I wanted to see about sizing. I ran out of bias while sewing the neckline, but I guess I didn't realize it and kept on sewing. Too enamored with the new serger, I guess, to notice. I think this would be great for exercising, around the house, etc.
 It's the free tonic tee pattern by SBCC. LOVE.


Here's my second tonic tee. I really love that I'm learning so much as I go. Specifically, how some fabrics work or don't work depending on the pattern, weight, drape, etc.  This fabric was already cut for a swing cardigan by the awesome SBCC. However, after making a rather unsuccessful cardi in a similar weight knit, I decided to change course. The cardigan pattern is really cute and easy to put together, but the front part (the swingy part) is two layers of knit sewn together, so it should, I think, be a very light knit. Otherwise it just feels too heavy - especially for a short sleeve cardigan. So even though I had already cut my pieces, I decided to cut into those pieces for the smaller tee. Yes, I wasted some fabric, but now I have a cute little basic that I love instead of a cardi I'll never wear. I've already worn this simple tee twice.


My final tonic tee - the long sleeved version. I absolutely LOVE how this bamboo rayon feels on my skin and drapes on my form. Super super comfy. I think the neckline went a bit wide - either by overzealous cutting on my part or stretching when attaching the neck binding. I might add some bra strap ribbons to make sure it stays in place.


So those are my tees. Here's my latest Mabel. A few posts back when I debuted my charcoal grey Mabel I was chiding myself for my lack of adventure when it comes to color, so I decide to go full on Pantone 2014 color of the year Radiant Orchid wild. :) (Maybe it's a wee bit dark for radiant orchid, but close enough I think.) Love the color, super comfy, easy to put together (especially with the serger). I wore it all last weekend when we had a spate of nice weather.


Finally, this blurry-ass picture is the latest progress on my Moneta. Yeah, my Moneta and I need a time out from each other. It's really a bummer because everything was moving along so well until I tried to attach the clear elastic....twice. The whole experience left me a little sad. What's funny, too, is that even though I think this dress looks great on so many people, I don't think this is the dress for me. I will try to salvage it at some point, though, because I want to learn and I don't want to waste fabric - one reason for getting into sewing is to try to get away from a disposable culture. The bodice keeps getting shorter as I keep trying to gather the skirt and reattach, so maybe I could make a more baby doll version. I really like this one from Lux Per Diem.

So those are my happy little basic wardrobe pieces. I look forward to making more. Thanks for checking out my progress!

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