Sunday, July 27, 2014



I spent part of this weekend making undies, which is kind of addictive. In fact, I could have made so many more pairs, but I think I should really take these for a test drive before making more. I want to make sure they're super comfy.


I really hate waste, so I love being able to use up all of the scraps that were too small for a tank or tee shirt but too large to throw away. Here were my takeaways to remember for next time.
  • I might try cutting a bunch in one sitting. They're already fast to make, but why break up the flow?
  • Serging the pieces together is fan-fucking-tasticly fast, but I'm not sure if I should serge the elastic on. I tried it on the white ones, and I think the thread might make them too bulky and/or uncomfortable. I love serging knits because they trim everything so neatly, it's nice to get everything locked in before it all curls up. If I do try serging again, I think next time I should switch to a three thread overlock.
  • JoAnn's foldover elastic is a ripoff. I remember experiencing sticker shock when I picked up a couple of packs, which doesn't really happen to me there, but I bought it anyway. I paid 3.99 per yard, and it wasn't even enough for 1 pair of underwear (at least for me). I never think of this sewing hobby of mine as a money saver, but I'm sure glad I was able to look to sewing blogs to discover other options. I wound up purchasing some suuuuper cute patterned elastic, plus the solid grab bag cuz I'm a sucker for grab bags, from Peak Bloom. Can't wait. 
  • I looked at a bunch of tutorials, but hands-down THE best tutorial was from A Very Purple Person. Clear to follow, great pictures, and it covers three different types of elastic. I need more practice with elastic. I haven't noticed it covered a lot in tutorials - maybe because it has to do more with getting a feel for how much to stretch or just something that comes with practice, which can be tough to explain in a tutorial.  
Anyhoo, thanks for reading. I hope you have a lovely week. I also hope these undies make it through their test drive.


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