Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Clothes


After my somewhat disappointing and boring skirt, I'm so happy to share some fun projects! I went a little knit-crazy this weekend and made three different pieces. Yes, it was bit of a marathon, but they were all easy projects that came together quickly.

First up, it's the Julia Cardigan. This was my first time sewing a sweater knit. So much fun! I spent  most of my time trying to fit all the pattern pieces into the amount of fabric I had on hand (two yards, I think) because I really wanted the double/no hem version. And I'm really glad I took that extra time. I only have a little bit of fabric leftover, which makes me feel good, and the double hem version makes it so cozy - and cozy is what I want from my weekend clothes.


Next, it's a super-duper close up of the Cake Espresso leggings I made. I took a picture of the leggings on a hanger, but they looked a little sad just hanging there. (I'm actually going to finish this post with a rare selfie because I'm trying to be less of a chicken. I've been thinking a lot about body shame and how sewing combats this. And also I'm just really inspired by all the lovely bloggers out there who are showing their (sewing) triumphs and failures, as well as showing the world their genuine selves.  It's important to see images of real people. ) Anyway, rant is over, isn't this a great fabric? I ordered it from Wanderlust Fabrics. They have some really great patterned knits. I'll definitely be ordering from them again. So the Cake pattern was just about the most fun I've had sewing from beginning to end. I measured waist, thigh, knee, etc., and connected the dots to draft a customized pattern. I ended up with one pattern piece, cut two, and sewed them up. Really easy and fun. For next time, I will cut the elastic a little smaller as there was a bit too much room, which means I have to duck into a doorway to hitch them up. I know, super attractive. Otherwise, they fit great and are super comfy. I wouldn't wear them out and about without my butt covered, but I pretty much live in leggings at home and on the weekends.


Finally, the fave top by Tessuti. I had a lot of reservations about this pattern, but since it was free I thought I'd give it a try.. It's super oversized and drapey, and I'm short with a large bust. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a tent. So, admittedly, it's a little tent-ey on me, but I actually really really love it and, again, love to wear stuff like this around the house. I used a super light, sheer, drapey, knit,  purchased on the top floor of Britex for $5 a yard, and I think the fabric is actually perfect for this top. It's not a weighty knit that pulls too much. I kind of wish now that I had gone to the effort to hem it instead of opting for a rolled hem, but I was having trouble with the double needle (even though I'd purchased a stretch double needle). My sewing machine kept trying to chew this stuff up. So I saw this as an opportunity to practice rolled hems. Sadly, the lettuce hem was not intentional, but that's what I ended up with.

 And finally, without further ado, Hello World!

Witness a very happy lady wearing her super comfy new weekend clothes. Yay!

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