Monday, August 18, 2014

Claybabies - not the creepy realistic ones

Hello Hello! I don't have a new sewing make to show today. I spent a ridiculous amount of time this weekend working on a pair of Maritime shorts by Grainline. I hope to blog about them just as soon as I can get the damn things to fit properly. They're ginormous at the moment.

Above is one of the bowls I made recently at my beginning ceramics class - more pics here. I guess it's actually a failure because I wound up rubbing off too much glaze, but I still like it and couldn't bear to throw it away. They're my babies! So now it holds some French salt that a friend recently brought back for me from Paris. It just makes me so happy to see useful little things I've made.


And speaking of warm happy feelings...Kollabara added my pinch bowls to their superstar showcase and featured member faves. This means I currently see them in the slideshow whenever I visit the main page, which is a lot because I absolutely love to see what folks are making, discover new bloggers, sewists, jewelry designers, etc.

So that is all. I hope to have new makes to share soon. Have a lovely week.

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