Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Perfect Marriage of Pattern and Fabric


I wasn't going to blog about this Renfrew by Sewaholic because I'm not particularly proud of the sewing job. The neckband actually started as a v-neck but ended up as some kind of scoop/vee hybrid, and the striped band at the bottom is pitiful.   But what I've discovered after wearing it four times now is that I feel absolutely fantastic in it. I think it has to do with the fabric - just the right weight and amount of stretch - combined with a really flattering shape. I did a FBA for knits - basically just copied this Cashmerette post - to give myself a little more room at the bust. Overall, it's form fitting but in a really good way.  (By the way, I had planned to take a picture wearing it, but the light was dreary and awful when I got home.) So now I want to start keeping better track of fabric type, blend, stretch, etc. The information isn't always available (at the fabric store), but when it is it would be cool to come up with some kind of chart to match knit types with ideal patterns and/or silhouettes. (Oh, I do love making charts.)


Hey here's something new to share. In addition to learning to sew, I've also been taking a ceramics class. These are pinch bowls - one of the oldest forms of pottery. I wasn't expecting much, so  I was actually happily surprised with how they turned out. I underglazed in red, then another glaze in white.


These I threw on the wheel, and I think they look a bit more like what I sort of expected to make in a beginner ceramics class... if that makes sense. I like them, but would definitely like to try making some more column shapes, also some planters to hang and some shallow pasta bowls. So many things to make.... For this class, I tried to focus on trying a number of different techniques to see what I liked best. Sort of like a ceramics taster.

Getting back to knits, I have some fabric but the knits I have on hand are pretty drapey and not quite right for another Renfrew. Despite my unfortunate Moneta, which is still crumpled in a ball(sad face), I'm thinking of trying another Colette dress - the Myrtle this time. The thing is, though, I'm just not much of a dress-wearer.  Has anyone seen any Myrtle tops? Seems like it would be a pretty easy hack.

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