Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Favorite Tee Shirt


Hello Hello! I hope you've had a lovely week. Mine was busy but mostly pleasant. I absolutely love this time of year as we step into fall.  It's not yet dark when I get home from work, and the light has this lovely golden quality that fills me with such a sense of peace.  And since I've become obsessed with sewing my own clothes lately, it's been fun planning a fall wardrobe.

One staple for my fall wardrobe is plenty of long sleeve tees and these two versions of the Bronte, by Jennifer Lauren Vintage, are perfect for knocking around in on the weekends. I love that the construction looks a bit more fancy with the lapped neckline, but it's really just a simple tee. In fact, I found the neckline a bit easier because you didn't have to worry so much about the neck binding not going all the way around. Plus, the buttons give it a flirty, vintage feel.

Please excuse the obviously shopped photo. I wanted to show the two Brontes side by side and had a long pic and a wide pic. In fitting them in same image, I went the vertical route which was, of course, in my favor. Just so you know that I don't think I'm fooling anyone - least of all, myself! :)

In terms of fit, I feel great wearing them, but now that I'm looking at pictures I can see where both tops are a little too big in the shoulders. This has nothing to do with the pattern; it's just me trying to figure out how to fit my own particular body. For the black version I just made the largest size without any adjustments, which is why it's way too long in the arms and, overall, fits a bit looser. For the raspberry colored version I did this simple knit FBA, and shortened the torso and arms. I also brought the back part of the lapped collar down about an inch farther than recommended so that my bra straps wouldn't peak out and spoil the pretty collar. (Actually, that might explain the pull lines at the corners.) It can be frustrating to work on something and feel good about it only to look at pictures later and be disappointed, but I guess that's only natural as I start to pay more attention to fit. I'm currently reading Fit for Real People and just signed up for Fast Track Fitting at Craftsy, so I do hope to get better.

I usually avoid closer fitting tees because of my large bust, but I have to say that I really like the Bronte. I would probably feel too self conscious wear the raspberry tee out and about, though, which is a shame because I really love the color. (Honestly, it's still difficult to post these photos, but I value what the process is teaching me so I'll keep at it.)

These were so easy and fun to put together that I would love to make a couple more dark-colored versions but with FBA and the other adjustments I mentioned. I'll also give the sewalong a look over and see how others have resolved similar fitting issues.


Here's what's becoming the obligatory undies shot. And here are my notes:
  • This is some leftover drapey rayon jersey from Wanderlust.  I think they're out of this crazy floral AND animal print, but it looks like they've got some new things in Yay.
  • Even though this doesn't have four way stretch, I think it will fit better than the striped versions from last week. I think they had too much cotton in them for the kind of stretch needed for undies. I tried these on on before adding the elastic, so I think they'll be good. 
  • The raspberry fabric is a modal poly jersey. It's pretty cheap, but I really loved the color and was itching to make another Bronte with adjustments. 
  • The black fabric is a cotton jersey from Wanderlust. It's super soft but not slinky or drapey in the least, which I thought would be good since I think the Bronte needs a knit with some structure and body.


And here's me doing my best Joan Holloway. Yes, there will definitely be more Brontes in my future.

Until next time. Have a fabulous week!

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