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How do you like my creative title? I almost always do what I say I'm going to do but sometimes it just takes me a while to get around to it. Too many ideas floating around my head makes it hard to focus sometimes. But fortunately, this is not one of those times. I knew I wanted to sew more of that pretty rayon challis from my birthday blouse and I knew it was going to be a pajama set. I'm glad I didn't procrastinate on this one.  I was envisioning something along the lines of Grainline's Lakeside pjs, but, honestly, I didn't want to purchase a pattern just for sleepwear. (Trust me, I will be supporting Grainline and other great patternmakers for future makes. I'm already dreaming about making an Archer.)

The camisole is a freebie from Sewloft - the Diana Cami. Lovely, drapey, nice and simple. I took the easy route with the straps by using store bought bias tape. If it turns out to be too scratchy I can always make some fabric straps. I did, however, make matching bias tape to bind the top part of the camisole.

Speaking of Grainline, the bottom is the Maritime Shorts without the waistband, pockets, and front zip. When I sewed them up as shorts they were super big on me, so I had a hunch that I could add a simple elastic channel to turn them into boxers. My hunch was right. :)


It's pretty hard to distinguish between the front and the back of the shorts, so I made a little tag.  I was feeling reckless and stamped the piece of twill tape with fabric paint after my tag was sewn into the back seam allowance. It serves me right that it's not a clean print. I really should have practiced and stamped a number of pieces and then sewn a nice clean print into my garment. Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Still looks cute, though.


While poking around my sewing supplies I discovered that I had a rolled hem foot, so I used it to make a baby hem with some degree of success. It's not quite right, but I like how this foot makes it easy to sew right up to the very edge. I'll definitely give it another go.

Just a few quick notes/reminders:
  •   I had a terrible time attaching the bias binding to the top of the cami, especially going around the front and back curves, because my thread kept jamming up. I did two things: Raised my tension a little and fashioned a little felt-like circle and placed it underneath my thread spool to keep my spool from jumping and over-spinning. 
  • In retrospect, I wish I had taken more care with the elastic channel. I need a timer or something that forces me to stop working on a project when I start getting sloppy or think about taking shortcuts. Also, I hate that I didn't change out my serger thread and the dark color shows. 
  •  Side seams for cami and shorts are french. Seemed like the obvious choice. The only eyesore is the serged on channel.
So that's about it. I'm pleased to have used up all of this fabric and look forward to moving on to my next project. If you've made it this far, thanks so much for reading and checking out my new makes. I still have so much to learn, but I love that I'm starting to see improvement. Patterns are getting easier to understand (for the most part), my textile knowledge has definitely improved (no more stiff quilty cottons for me!), and I'm developing a deep appreciation for finishing techniques. Seriously, I'm fascinated. Often I catch myself analyzing peoples' clothes on the bus, which can be awkward since, of course, they don't know what I'm looking at! Does anybody else do that?

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