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Hello! I hope your week is going well so far. Tonight, I watched the first game of the World Series while making dinner, assembled my second (weird charcoal color) jacket lining, and washed some new fabric to sew. Already a pretty productive Tuesday evening, but I've got  fabric on my mind, so I'm writing a post instead of going to bed like I should.

Nobody warns you when you take up sewing about the danger of accumulating mass quantities of fabric - i.e. the stash. I'm really trying to keep it under control for obvious financial reasons, but also because I live in one-bedroom apartment with my husband and sewing stuff can really pile up.  I don't like a lot of clutter and am always looking for ways to stay organized.


So how happy was I when I found this shelf thingy (I assume it came from a convenience store/bodega.) while walking home from Fabric Outlet in the Mission! Here's what my fabric collection was starting to look like. (This is what you don't see  - this eyesore behind the couch - when I photograph my makes against our double doors.)


I would try to keep everything folded but always ended up with this mess when looking for a particular fabric that was always at the bottom of the pile. My street treat find has definitely improved the situation. (Just so you know, I gave it a good soapy scrub before putting my fabric on it.)


My plan is to a.) pin the little cards I made (in the top pic) to my fabric to help me remember all the details and b.) to eventually keep find a place for this shelf in our largest closet. It's fine out in the open for now, but I really need to figure out a better situation. And c.) I should probably cool it with the fabric buying. I'm lucky enough to live very close to a number of terrific fabric stores, so it's not like I need to go on a buying trip to stock up. Here are my favorite fabric sources:
  • Discount Fabrics -  just down the street from my apartment so super convenient when I run out of fusible or thread.
  • Fabric Outlet -  in the Mission. It's worth it to be on their mailing list because they have really great sales.
  •  Britex Fabrics - sometimes I spend my lunch hour there just stroking the knits. They get a bad rap for being expensive, but their textiles are really lovely. Now that I'm getting more comfortable with knits, I find that I want to spend a little more to have something that feels more luxurious. After all, my time is way more valuable than the few extra dollars for a nicer product. I still don't want to spend too much on wovens, though, but that's because my skills aren't up to par yet.
  • Goodwill - also just down the road.  I had a lot of fun making my V1247 from a thrift store find. Ideally, I'd like to alternate repurposed fabric with new fabric as a way to challenge myself and be more eco-conscious.
  • Wanderlust- it's online so proximity isn't applicable. I just really like their fabric and find it all so reasonably priced. 
Before I forget, when I was in Britex last week I saw Emily Payne of this season's Project Runway. Apparently, she's worked there for years. Thanks to the "You might also like" widget, you may have discovered one or two of my PR recapping posts and already know that I'm a huge PR fan. Even though I don't look at what's made on the show in the same way I look at real-life sewing (it's not made to withstand even one wash, half of it is glued together, etc.), I am, and always have been, blown away by the creativity of the contestants. I'm also not into snark at all and tend to favor the designers who manage to come out of the whole, weird process with their dignity intact. Emily was not only very talented and creative, but she also conducted herself in such a mature manner. It was a pleasure to watch and made me feel kind of proud since she's local. So anyway, I'm not the type of person who usually goes up to strangers, but since she wasn't with customer I couldn't resist telling her, as I was on my way out, that I'd been watching the show and that I really admired her. I'm sure I'm not the first total stranger that has done something like that, and I'm sure she couldn't care less whether or not some total stranger admires her. I was kind of nervous and I probably made an ass out of myself. But she graciously smiled and said thank you, which is just what I would have expected after seeing her on the show.

Okay, I should really get to bed. Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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