Monday, November 24, 2014

Back To Basics


Hello! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I sort of felt like this was the last weekend before all the holiday madness begins, so I tried to relax and do as little as possible. We started feasting a bit early with the first crab haul of the season. Other than that...some sewing, chores, and trashy t.v.


So I'm working on a couple of different projects right now - my second Bruyere (almost finished!) and my most favorite thing ever (to date, of course, can't wait to share) - but, as usual, I ran into problems sewing my sleeves, and with its kimono bodice True Bias's Sutton blouse seemed like the perfect vacation from sleeves. It was a fun project. I especially appreciated the extra instructions for understitching the neckline and am most proud of how the neckline sits so nicely.


(These headless shots always seem weird to me, but I suppose it helps to look at overall shape and proportions without having to look at my cheesy grin or pained grimace.) Part of me feels like this is a bit of a step backwards for me. After all, I had finally started making important pattern adjustments like FBAs and was starting to seek out more fitted silhouettes. I thought about an FBA, but when I read the sewalong she suggested just opting for a larger size since it was supposed to be oversized. I cut a size 16, but I think I could do a 14 and it would be fine.


I love the back pleat/ yoke, though I think it's a bit too long in the back.


Yeah, when I look at my arms outstretched and the sleeves, I definitely think I could go one size smaller. I actually wore this for a job interview the other day. (Not with leggings and boots! I'm not lucky enough to work in an industry where that would be okay.) Normally, for an interview I would have worn something with a collar, but it was short notice and I decided I wanted to focus on mentally preparing. I did feel, however, that the blouse was polished enough to wear and I think a big part of that is the (for me) nearly impeccable job on the neckline, and the weight of the fabric.
So here are the details:
  • The fabric is 2 yards of 100% rayon purchased at Britex on the top floor for $5 per yard. Score! It has a textured pattern that doesn't show up well in photos.
  •  The fabric is a little weighty and stretched out a bit while sewing. My french seams are pretty bulky.
  • I can't really think of too many particulars. It came together very easily and quickly. I will definitely make it again, but it has to be in a drapey, solid fabric like this. Otherwise, I think it would look like hospital scrubs. It reminds me a bit of my V1247 except that it fits much better in the back, neck, and shoulders. Hmmm... Sutton top part of bodice plus segmented panels of V1247 might equal color blocking hack?
  • I liked Caroline of Sewaholic's version -with the lace yoke. I have some aubergine lace from an old Banana Republic top, and now I'm thinking about a little refashioning....
I know that a basic, navy top isn't super exciting, but I think this pattern has a lot of possibilities. Plus, I know I'm gonna wear the hell out of it.  Thanks so much for reading. If you're in the U.S., have a very happy Thanksgiving. Everyone, have a lovely week.  Cheers!


  1. Just searching for other people's Suttons as I am almost finished my first. It is in a peachskin in a coral colour and when I tried it in I immediately thought scrubs but my husband thinks it is great. Then I read your comment about scrubs so we will see. I think I will like it despite people asking for my medical expertise. :)

  2. LOL! As long as it doesn't have teddy bears or puppies on it, you'll probably avoid the scrubs look.