Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Found Object


Well Hello! I hope you're doing well and had yourself a fantastic weekend. Beej and I went to see a really stellar performance of True West on Friday. And then on Saturday, we went to see an art exhibit at Green Citizen that my dear friend, Nikki Contini of Fusing Fun Art, curated, created art for, and organized. The focus was on teaching kids to recycle/upcycle. It was a very sweet event with lots of cute kids and colorful art.


Speaking of upcycling, I have a non-sewing make to share in the above pic. The weekend before, when I was in the Marina, I found an earring in the grass. Yeah, I'm totally not above bringing home stuff I find on the ground. Anyway, I've been crushing on those cute brass pendants from Madewell, but I just can't bring myself to pay $40 for something so trendy. So I gave it a soapy scrub, along with some hydrogen peroxide, snipped off the earring part, and attached it to some chain I had in my craft supplies. I think it might look cute with some of the super simple tops I like to make and wear. 


And the tee shirt in the above pics is the same one I wore underneath my plaid Bruyere in last week's post. Not too much to say - it's another plantain. I love it, but I totally mangled the neckband at the back. Fortunately, I don't have to look at the back of my neck or the inside of my shirt. It's a shame, though,  because this was THE most expensive fabric I've used to date. (I know, I just talked last week about how I don't pay much for fabric. This was special because I was using a Britex gift certificate I got for my birthday.)  It's 100% viscose, which I've recently learned is a high-end Italian rayon, and was 24.99 X 30% off. It feels fantastic, but I'm a little sad to say that there are two tiny holes near the sleeve. I don't think the holes are associated with my sewing or sleeve insertion. I'm thinking about putting a bit of black interfacing behind the holes to prevent them from getting bigger, but I'm also afraid of making it look worse. Here are a few things I've changed in my tee shirt construction:
  • I'm starting to sew in my sleeves before serging. It's more accurate and really not that much more work. 
  • Fusable bias tape  is awesome. I wouldn't use it on a part that gets stretched (like an armhole or neckband, but it's great for hems.
  • I'm back to two needle/four thread for my serger.
So that's it. I have a few more garments to share, but it's too dark for pictures when I get home from work now, so it'll have to wait until the weekend. It's been over six months of straight sewing now, so you'd think that I have tons of clothes, right? Not so. My standards are getting higher. As a result, some of my earlier tops don't get much wear. And some have gotten so much wear that they're starting to show it too much.  But that's a good thing! Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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