Monday, November 3, 2014



Hello! Hello! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Most of mine was spent binge watching English costume dramas and sewing. Hot off the heels of my first successful bodice modification in a woven fabric,  I couldn't resist making another, immediately.  I think I'm turning into a middle aged Deer and Doe fangirl - Squee. Above is my latest - a Sureau in black.


I know, I look pretty pleased with myself don't I? I'm just really happy. It's hard to find dresses to fit me. They're either too tight in the bust or too long in the arms and I'm swimming in them, making me feel frumpy and dumpy. So this is awesome for me. I'm not being overly dramatic when I say that learning about full bust adjustments has been absolutely empowering - a real game changer. And I know that I need to continue to work on fitting, but I also think I see a benchmark in my progress. I never thought I liked to wear dresses, but I guess I just hadn't met the right dress.


A rare view of the back of my arms. I think the fit is pretty good, as I usually have way too much room in the back. I've worn this to work twice now, and it's been comfortable to sit in all day. However, I do wish I had lined it because I don't like to spend the day tugging at my skirt to make sure it's not riding up.  I opted to leave off the sleeves because the fabric is a little crisp, and I was worried they would be puffy. Plus, I already know I will always wear it with a cardigan cuz I know me and what I like to wear. The one thing I need to do, though, is trim down the back of the facing, which peeks out a little bit.


Some quick notes before I forget:
  • The fabric is a black shirting purchased a while back from Fabric Outlet during one of their awesome 40% off sales. I bought it to make a shirt for Beej. Oops. 
  • This time I had faith that the bodice would fit and sewed up the side seams using the correct 5/8 seam allowance. I folded the skirt pattern piece up about 2" about two thirds of the way down AND cut the bottom hem at the size for a 36. The result was only minimal hemming. A turned up serged edge basically.
  • I put in a regular zipper and it was SO freaking easy. I don't think an invizible zip is all that necessary since it's on the side so not very visible at all.
  • I splashed out and bought vintage glass buttons made in Germany from Britex. They were $1.25 each and are SO much nicer than plastic buttons. Here's an over-exposed picture so you can see the buttons up close. (Funny, I never would have thought I would ever get excited about buttons.)
  • IMGP0976
Oh, and I wore my purple Sureau as part of my Halloween costume. Originally, I had planned to make a crazy Rankin Bass Mrs. Claus dress with puffy shoulders, etc., but I decided to be more judicious with my sewing time and make something I'll get to wear on other days of the year.

"Who ever heard of a skinny Santa?" I even made a plate of "grey food" to carry around as a prop.
So that's it! Thanks so much for reading and have a fantastic week.


  1. It took me some time to find a blog which showed the Sureau dress by Deer&Doe so I was happy to run into your blog and to find that you even made two of these dress!
    For some reason dresses never really fit me, so I decided to find a cute pattern and sew it myself. Well, thanks for helping me decide on this cute dress, definitely going to order it now :)

  2. Thanks for your comment. I hope your Sureau turns out great. I'm currently working on a shirt dress that combines the Sureau with the Bruyere bodice.

    1. Oh that sounds like a great idea, I checked there website and Bruyere looks lovely, cant wait to see how it turns out!